Life sciences and Healthcare

Innovation in self-diagnosis and health monitoring systems enabled by wearable technology and the Internet of Things are rapidly gaining pace. A growing multi-billion dollar market, together with strong global competition means that designers, suppliers and manufacturers with an active role in the healthcare industry will be in a stronger position to establish a global lead.


The healthcare sector plays a key role in Wales, in improving public health and reducing healthcare costs. This sector is worth more than £1.3 billion to the economy, generated by over 300 companies, and employing over 15,000 people. The NHS is one of the world’s largest publicly funded health services, with areas of health research excellence in a number of universities and strengths in the life sciences sector.
Various capabilities already exist in Wales and examples include photonics and software. Photonics will play a significant role in these next generation products, due to a growing need for optical sensors to enable non-intrusive monitoring solutions. We now have an opportunity to build on and form stronger links between these capabilities.

In order to ensure that products developed through this programme meet genuine needs in the healthcare sector, we need to work closely with healthcare professionals and other end users that have a solid appreciation of the industry.
If your company or institute has activities in Wales within the healthcare industry, we would like to hear from you; please contact us or get in touch via the Partners Area.



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